The Indian Customs EDI System (ICES) where EDI is Electronic Data Interchange. The EDI is the hub of any location for documentation in electronic environment. The EDI maintains all of 1.5 version on a 24X7 basis, Further, it does issue based liaising with Directorate Of Systems, New Delhi. All software/hardware problems are attended to by the EDI section.

Import Groups

The assessment of Bills of entryearlier filed for clearance of goods for home consumption/warehousing/bond is done in the different groups as per Custom Tariff Head (CTH).


This section deals with refund of4% (SAD) i.e. Special Additional Duty and other refunds covered under Section 27 of Customs Act,1962.

Import Shed

Here Imported Goods are examined in the sheds(Light, Heavy and Air India Shed) by Examiner/A.O/Supdt and then OOC (Out Of Charge) is given. In the case of RMS Bills of Entry goods are cleared on the basis of requisite documents submitted by the importer.

SIIB (Import) Special Investigation and Intelligence Branch

SIIB primarily deals with gathering of intelligence and the other functions include surveillance,search of premises etc. This unit carries out the investigationsof the cases they make.

MCD(Manifest Clearing department)

MCD looks after the maintenance of Import &Export general manifest, record keeping of Bills of Entry & Shipping Bills after their closure.


Receiving of files from Groups / Sections for adjudication by Commissioner.The section issues intimations to different parties about the dates of hearingand adjudication orders.The section also deals with adjudication related correspondence and preparation of monthly and quarterly reports.

TRC (Tax Recovery Cell)

This section deals with recovery of pending Govt.dues by way of attaching / auctioning both movable & immovable assets held by the defaulter.

IAD (Internal Audit Department)

IAD deals with the forwarding of CRA objections to concerned groupsand maintaining of AM, SOF DAP files.


Maintaining of Import General Manifest (Airlines), Amendment of (weight, Packages,Consignee Name, Short Shipment etc.),The section also gives Manual Thokafor SEZ Bills of Entry/Consulate cargo.